Programs for Foreign Attorneys

Information for Foreign Attorneys

If you are an attorney from a country other than the U.S. and are interested in working in the legal field here, you  should consider the Paralegal Program.  Paralegals are fulfilling a growing range of responsibilities in legal offices across the nation and often perform many of the same tasks as lawyers. As one of the fastest growing professions, the paralegal profession is a reputable and recognized career path, with significant income earning potential.

To enter the program, you will need a fifth-level of English proficiency. You do not need to take the TOFL. By participating in the Paralegal Program, you will improve your English and acquire knowledge in law terminology and procedures. As a graduate, you will be qualified to work alongside lawyers and judges in the type of legal setting that is important to you. Whether it’s a large law firm, a government agency, a nonprofit or legal aid office or in any private corporations, rest assured you will have the skills and knowledge to accomplish whatever a paralegal is asked to do.

This program qualifies for a Stafford Loan from the Financial Aid Office and Job Placement assistance is also offered.

Take the Paralegal Program On-Campus or Online

Take courses online from your home country while you wait to enter the U.S., or on campus after your arrive.  Contact the English Language Institute to get help with your English and to obtain your student visa.

Interested in an LL.M., Advanced JD or Law degree?

FIU Law offers  an LL.M. (Master in Law) degree – a post-graduate program in law for lawyers who have completed their first law degree in another country. It is composed of 24 credits and is based entirely on coursework that runs one academic year. LL.M. is a residential program where students live in Miami, go to class with FIU Law students, study in the library and experience daily life on and off the campus. More about FIU Law’s LL.M program here.

The JD with Advanced Standing Program allows students to receive up to 30 hours of credit towards their JD for prior legal studies in another country. If the maximum amount of credit is applied towards the JD at FIU Law, students may complete their JD in approximately two years of full-time study. More about the JD with Advanced Standing Program here.

If you are interested in obtaining a American law degree, FIU Law is proud to be South Florida’s only public law school. With a  diverse faculty and student body it makes for an outstanding option for prospective students. To learn more about FIU Law, visit here.

Please email or call 305.348.2491 with questions.