FIU LSI Program Prepared Andrea Lazo’10 for a Career as a Paralegal

FIU Legal Studies Institute (LSI) graduate, Andrea Lazo ’10, is a paralegal specializing in eldercare issues for Georgia Legal Services Program (GLSP). Lazo provides specialized assistance in eldercare issues, which includes offering community education sessions through eleven counties in the state of Georgia, as well as provide support for administrative hearings.

Prior to working for GLSP, Lazo moved to Savannah 7 years ago and worked for multiple private practices and local attorneys.

“Before I enrolled in the LSI Paralegal Studies course at FIU, I was looking for a program that would not take too long to graduate from and FIU was and is well recognized in the community. Being a mother and having a busy schedule, I saw the program had an enticing and exciting curriculum as well as a perfect schedule, so I decided to go for it,” said Lazo.

Lazo is originally from Santiago Chile, and is fluent in both English and Spanish. She is part of the SEALA (South Eastern Association of Legal Assistants).

Lazo attributes her career path to the FIU LSI Program. “FIU LSI has great mentors and teachers, it prepared me to learn legal terminology, legal research, and writing. It also helped me understand how the legal system works. Completing different projects and assignments also allowed me to be able to have a more hands-on experience on what could I expect in the work force after I graduated,” said Lazo. “If I had to give advice to those who are just starting with the program I will say: Study hard, ask questions, spend a little extra time doing your assignments, and if you have the time (and are not currently employed) look for employment in an entry-level position in a law firm or law office, or offer to be an intern, it helps a lot while you are in class!”